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Albanian Government > Albanian President's Page - Home Page of the President of Albania. It has Press releases, news, speaches, public addresses.

Albanian Government > Albanian Parliament - Albanian Parliament, Kuvendi

Albanian Government > Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Albania

Albanian Government > Ministry of Information - Department of Information, Council of Ministers, Republic of Albania.

Albanian Government > Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs - Learn more about the mission, structure and everything else about Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in Albania.

Albanian Government > MKRS - Ministria e Kultures Rinise dhe Sporteve.

Albanian Government > MEPP - Administrimi, strukturimi, transformimi e privatizimi, futja e kapitaleve te huaja, rregullimi e nxitja e konkurences ne sektorit publik me synim rritjen e efikasitetit te ekonomise se vendit.

Albanian Government > Dfishery - Ministry Of Agriculture and Food. Fishery Directorate


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