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Installing Remote Access Service on windows NT 4.0

Referring the instruction given by modem manual the modem must be installed in the system before You try to install the RAS .

Installin RAS:
Go to START | SETTINGS | CONTROL PANEL open the Network Applet. Select the Services Menu.

Click on the ADD button . Select the Remote Access Service click Ok to Add the service.

Select the modem Device available for RAS . Click on Configure button and select the Dial Out Only option.   Click on Network button and select the TCI/IP protocol.

Go to My computer and double click on Dial-up Networking. Type ICC-WWW at the Phonebook Entry . Click on Next ant select I am calling the Internet . Next and type Server number 7175671 . Click Finish.

Click on the More menu on Dial up networking and edit modem properties as showed in the followed figures: Basic menu , Server . Click on TCP/IP setting and select "Server assigned the IP address" and "Server assigned name server address". Script Menu . Security menu . You have successfully configured RAS on Win NT


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