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Technical General Information

ICC/ABCOM is the only Internet Provider at this moment, which has 3 satellite International Connectivity's offering the highest performance and availability in case of failures and thus guaranteeing the highest quality of service in Albania.

First International Connection is an InterContinental connection offered by NewSkies NSSK Satellite directly to US MAEast Backbone which is considered as a Backbone of the Backbones where are connected all European and US top providers and has 3 X 300Mbps ATM Optical Fibre Connection with Tier1 backbone providers in US like UUNet, AboveNet, MCI-Worldcom. So ICC is guaranteeing in Albania the highest quality of browsing by connecting to this backbone with highest aggregate international speed on Albania with US at symmetrical 1Mbps/1Mbps.

Second connection is provided via Satellite by SMS-Networks based in UK and provides the capacity of 2Mbps which and acts as a LoadBalancing/Sharing connection for European Sites and communications which are accessed faster using this service channel since It's offered by a European Satellite.

Third Connection is provided via Satellite from PlanetSky and is served through Merlin Communications which has a very wide network in Europe with 150Mbps next-hop Tier1 Connections. This connection works mostly in cases of problems with other providers and gives better numbers on redundancy and reliability of ICC international connections.

ICC/ABCOM will monitor the link every 5min/24hrs/7day and will take action on finding/identifying the problem on It's side within max 2(two) working hours from the moment the problem is confirmed/notified from both parties. Depending on the gravity of the problem on the ICC side, ICC technicians will repair the problem within 1(one) working day. Also ICC will provide with whatever ingress filtering facilities for the customer and respond within 1hrs after taking the notification.
ICC/ABCOM objective is to provide its Customers with the highest achievable level of service quality. Customer's interconnection to the Internet backbone is established through ICC/ABCOM BGP-4 peering relationships with major Tier 1 IP transit providers in both Europe and North America. These providers are chosen on the basis of proven backbone network performance and reliability as well as their willingness to guarantee ICC/ABCOM specific service levels and visibility into their network.

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